Class OidcClientSettingsStore

The settings with defaults applied of the OidcClient.

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acr_values: undefined | string
authority: string
client_authentication: "client_secret_post" | "client_secret_basic"
client_id: string
client_secret: undefined | string
disablePKCE: boolean
display: undefined | string
extraHeaders: Record<string, ExtraHeader>
extraQueryParams: Record<string, string | number | boolean>
extraTokenParams: Record<string, unknown>
fetchRequestCredentials: RequestCredentials
filterProtocolClaims: boolean | string[]
loadUserInfo: boolean
max_age: undefined | number
mergeClaimsStrategy: {
    array: "replace" | "merge";

Type declaration

  • array: "replace" | "merge"
metadata: undefined | Partial<OidcMetadata>
metadataSeed: undefined | Partial<OidcMetadata>
metadataUrl: string
post_logout_redirect_uri: undefined | string
prompt: undefined | string
redirect_uri: string
refreshTokenAllowedScope: undefined | string
resource: undefined | string | string[]
response_mode: undefined | "query" | "fragment"
response_type: string
revokeTokenAdditionalContentTypes?: string[]
scope: string
signingKeys: undefined | SigningKey[]
staleStateAgeInSeconds: number
stateStore: StateStore
ui_locales: undefined | string

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